Stelios Rokkos was moved by the love he received - "I'm recovering and coming back brand new"

Stelios Rokkos

Stelios Rokkos, after the serious adventure he went through with his health, returned to the arms of his wife and his friends. The singer, who suffered a heart attack a few days ago, is now fine and announced through his personal Instagram account that he is ready to return to performing.

"I'm alive... we'll turn it into a brothel... Saturday February 4th," he wrote in the caption, using Greek slang to say a big party will happy, which accompanied a video of him performing the song Zw (Ζω/Alive).


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While he was hospitalised, his wife did not leave his side and in fact she was particularly emotional on the day he was discharged.

"He made a promise! He will never scare me again. [To] our home now,” Eleni Gkofa captioned her Instagram post hours after they returned home.

“You have power for both of us. I love you", was the response of Stelios Rokkos, under their shared photo that he uploaded to his personal account on Instagram.

Last week, Rokkos was transferred urgently from Lemnos to a hospital in Athens by an Air Force aircraft. The 58-year-old artist suffered a myocardial infarction with the opening of the right artery.

After he underwent cardiac surgery, he stayed in the Intensive Care Unit for two days for preventive reasons and finally, he was allowed to return home.

His wife, Eleni Gkofa and Lena Zevgara, were by his side throughout his health problems.

The singer's health problem

Stelios Rokkos showed symptoms suggesting a heart attack in the morning - at 6:30 -, which worried him and his relatives, with the doctors deciding that for preventive reasons he should be transferred to an Athens hospital.

He was initially taken to Alexandra Hospital with signs of a myocardial infarction, specifically at 8:30. However, he requested a little later to be transferred, as was done, to the private "Metropolitan" Hospital, where he is being treated, having escaped the danger.

It is noted that "Pyli Axios", the nightclub in Thessaloniki where Stelios Rokkos is performing this season, announced that it will remain closed due to the singer's health problem.

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