Pella: A man's encounter with a bear was actually a scam! See the controversial posts

Pella bear scam

The reality behind man's "encounter" with a bear near Agios Athanasios in Pella on the way to Kaimaktsalan was a lot different to what was initially told

Makis Liasis posted two photos on his Instagram account and was even hosted on television stations in Greece to talk about his experience, except, as it turns out, it came from Instagram posts made in September 2022 that had, in fact, become a topic in Bulgarian media!

Check out the controversial bear Instagram post from September:


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See the website publication from Bulgaria about this video

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See the photos that Liasis posted on Instagram

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Nevertheless, in his statements today, Liasis even described what he thought when he saw the bear in front of him, saying "I wasn't scared, I was just shocked by its size. It was huge."

He even proceeded to give advice to those who happen to meet a bear at some point, saying "if you don't bother them, if they don't feel threatened, they don't bother you"

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