Balochistan facing acute drinking water shortage: Report

Balochistan is not Pakistan

Amid the financial and food crisis in Pakistan, major regions of Balochistan are suffering from an acute shortage of drinking water as filtration plants installed have gone out of order due to "poor maintenance", as per a report by The Express Tribune.

Only 25 per cent of Balochistan's inhabitants have access to clean drinking water, The Express Tribune reported.

The administration has said it will repair all out-of-order filtration plants within a month.

Resolving the water issue was a top priority of the government as it had established water filtration plants in every district of the province to provide clean drinking water but they went out of order due to poor maintenance, the report added.

This comes at a time when Pakistan's economic condition is at critical juncture as inflation has been rising at unprecedented levels, triggering a sharp rise in prices of fuel and essential food items such as flour, rice and sugar. In fact, there has been a 500 per cent rise in prices of some basic vegetables as well.

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