Monica Bellucci at the Greek Consulate in New York to promote "Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs"!

Monica Bellucci

At the Consulate General of Greece in New York, the glamorous star of world cinema, Monica Bellucci, was an official guest for a mini-reception in view of her performance for "Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs", which will be staged at Broadway's Beacon Theater on Friday at 20:00.

Having by her side was the director of the show, Tom Wolfe, the famous actress turned all the lights on her with her simplicity and kindness, as well as for the warmth with which she approached the role of Maria Callas.

Bellucci referred to the interest that the personality of Maria Callas aroused in her, but also the way in which she reached the top and left her mark, which to this day remains indelible.

"It was something that really touched me. Now we're here. I hope you enjoy the show [on] the 27th. What really moved me most about Maria Callas was really the duality between the diva and the woman with a simple heart. The one who died of sadness [and] a broken heart. We're here for her," she said.

Symbol of Mediterranean beauty in the world, Monica Bellucci is today an internationally established actress. Born in Città di Castello on September 30, 1964, she began her career in the fashion world and then focused on cinema.

Her filmography is rich in films shot by the greatest directors and together with great stars. Italy, France, the United States... Monica Bellucci has really worked with the greatest.

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