Turkish MP lambasts the enemies of Erdoğan: "We have to lick his shoe"

Şenel Yediyıldız Turkey AKP erdogan

An MP for Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has criticised those who “betrayed” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and said “forget about betrayal, we have to lick his shoe.”

Cotyora (Κοτύωρα, Turkish: Ordu) lawmaker Şenel Yediyıldız claimed that Erdoğan is a world leader and said “We commit acts like betraying (to him) with our stupid brains."

“To betray your brother Tayyip is to betray Turkey. You know, there is a war between Ukraine and Russia, right? Both Ukraine and Russia are waiting for something from him. Forget about betrayal, we have to carry him at our back, we have to lick his shoe,” he told local broadcaster TV52 on January 22.

Yediyıldız also criticised those who complain about rising cost of living and said “Is there any country in the world that does not complain about this?”

When asked how the inflation rate will be decreased, he said “I do not know how, but Mr. President said that it will start to decrease as of March.”

His remarks stirred huge reaction on social media.

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