Life size marble statue of Hercules unearthed during excavations in Rome - See the photos!


A life size marble statue of the Ancient Greek mythological figure Hercules was unearthed during excavations in the Parco Scott at the Via Appia in Rome.

See the post by the Parco Archeologico dell'Appia Antica (Appia Antica Archaeological Park) Facebook page:

Hercules statues found in Rome in January, 2023.

Hercules statues found in Rome in January, 2023.

"To Hercules in Scott Park!

"In the area of ​​Scott Park, between Cristoforo Colombo and Via Appia Antica, Acea Gruppo with Bacino south SRL, there has been for several months an active construction site for a difficult operation to review and clean a sewer pipe.

"In more points, the collapse of the old pipeline, dating back to the last century, had in fact led to the opening of dangerous sinkholes in the Park.

"A wide and complex operation has thus become necessary, which has involved large earthquakes, which will be followed by a complete restoration of the altimetre profile of the area and the planting of new trees as agreed with the Appia Antica Regional Park.

"The area, naturally beautiful, is also an area of ​​'archaeological interest': we are in fact near the Sepulcher of Priscilla at the second mile of Via Appia Antica and the embankment works, which have reached 20 metres below street level, are Constantly being followed by an archaeologist, coordinated by officials of the Archaeological Park of Appia Antica.

"Today, after weeks of reporting land movements completely devoid of archaeological interest, Scott Park gave us a big surprise: a life-size marble statue that, due to the presence of the club and the lioness - lion skin covering its head - We can certainly identify with a character dressed as Hercules.

"❤️ 🙏Thanks to the archaeologist Federica Acierno who is following the excavations."

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