Snik: "Get off the couch, work, do something to earn your money," says trapper in Instagram rant


Snik made a wild outburst through his personal Instagram account.

The popular trapper was exercising at home, while in Instagram's stories he showed his two dogs, which were outside in the rain. Unsurprisingly, he received a barrage of messages for leaving his pets in the bad weather.

The trapper then stressed that there are dog houses in the garden so that they can protect themselves from the rain.

"Some of you sending me 'put the dogs in', you have no other business to do? Seriously? Would I have left my dogs outside? Doggies have houses to go in. You have no other business to do, b*****," he said.

The trapper than said: "Get off the couch, work, do something. Make your money, if you don't like seeing my stories, unfollow me."

"I'm talking about you guys. Look to 2023 to become the best version of yourself, may I do the same. Stop being so into the drama, I've wasted too much time fighting with every moron," Snik continued.

He finished off his rant by saying "this year I want peace, order and security. So, get up off the couch, take out the money and look at your little girl."

Over the 2022 European summer, the trapper had been in the news several times, and all for the wrong reasons. First, there was the incident in Katerini club and his friends came to blows with other patrons.

A few days later in Thessaloniki, a video showed him having an intense argument with a teenager on the street.

Another incident also came to light as another trapper uploaded a photo of Snik and "warned" him that he would upload videos of him being beaten.

Trap music, a subgenre of rap, gets its name from the Atlanta slang word “trap”, a house used exclusively to sell drugs.

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