Italian waiter triggered by Greek woman asking for ketchup with her spaghetti carbonara (VIDEO)

Greek woman in Italian restaurant

Can you imagine if someone came up to you and asked for an avocado with their Greek souvlaki? Or they told you they like eating feta with chocolate sauce on top? How about some moussaka topped with hoisin sauce?

As we all know, the Italians are already furious with the Greeks for mastering the dark art of putting canned pineapple on pizzas. Now they have another reason to be furious after a Greek woman had the audacity to ask for ketchup with her pasta.

It is very fair to consider such a request as blasphemy, especially in Italy, the home of pasta. And yet, as we saw by chance in a video on TikTok, a Greek woman, who was in a restaurant in the beloved neighbouring country, dared to challenge the waiter of the store by asking him to bring ketchup.

More specifically, the customer asked for ketchup for her carbonara, which infuriated the waiter, who explained to her that such a thing cannot be allowed in the restaurant where he works.

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In fact, it didn't stop there, since the client insisted on her choice. Thus, at the end of the video, we see how the waiter is forced to call out to the owner of the restaurant in order to explain to her how wrong it is to put ketchup on her pasta.

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