See how Vasilis Karras became after the adventure with his health! The singer is Unrecognisable (Photo)

Vasilis Karras

The popular and much-loved singer Vasilis Karras, who has been missing made his first public appearance after months.

Last November, the singer had serious issues with his health and underwent surgery at the Trans-Balkan Hospital in Thessaloniki.

The newspaper "Espresso" located the popular singer in a well-known restaurant, in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, where he was photographed with the owner of the shop.

Cheerful, but obviously suffering, with almost white hair and a beard, Vassilis went almost unnoticed by the other customers who were in eating in the same restaurant.

Vasilis Karras after his operation

After the operation Karras was transferred to his farm he maintains in Kokkinohori Kavala, where he recovered, with his family by his side.

This was the main the reason for the cancellation of his collaboration with Paola in Fever, with Giannis Ploutarhos which he may be joining in the near future.