Turkish nationalist claims bomb threat on Athens Airport: "Establish Sharia Law, Return Cyprus to Turkey"

Turkish nationalist

A Turkish nationalist has claimed responsible for the bomb threat on Athens International Airport on Friday.

A person claiming to be Turkish nationalists and a friend of the Russian prankster, who on Tuesday morning sent bomb threats against Athens International Airport and six hospitals in Athens through an email, took responsibility for today's bomb scare.

In particular, the perpetrators at approximately 6:30AM sent two emails to the Athens police headquarters, written in English, demanding the release of their friend or they would blow up the airport, four hospitals and the Orthodox church.

Specifically in the email said:

"We Are Turkish Nationalists. Paul Avilovoglu Speaking. Have Mined Your Airport. We Will Destroy The Orthodox Church In Greece And Establish Sharia Law. We Demand The Return Of Cyprus To Turkey And The Release Of Our Friend Vlad Saveliev. To Contact Me, I Have Telegram @osmanreich".

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The authorities immediately proceeded to a visual inspection, but nothing was found.

A 42-year-old Russian was arrested in Thessaloniki by officers of the anti-terrorist-Sub-Directorate for Combating Special Violent Crimes of Northern Greece, according to police announcement on Wednesday morning.

The police arrested the Russian prankster who caused chaos in "Eleftherios Venizelos" Athens airport and six hospitals in Attica on Tuesday morning.

A case file was filed against him for terrorist acts, spreading fake news, disrupting the operation of a critical service, disturbing the peace of citizens and attempting to obstruct transportation.

For the time being, the motive of the 42-year-old Russian, who in the emails had references to Islam and threatened that "blood will be spilled" remains unknown.

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