Elon Musk: He explained what the "Omega" he wrote on Twitter means

Elon Musk

Panic reigned on Twitter on Sunday night when its owner, Elon Mus , wrote the Greek letter "Ω" in a post without giving any further explanation. The tweet immediately went viral with millions of Twitter users trying to decipher Musk's post.

Some argued that Musk's post symbolised the last place in a group of objects, others wrote that it was an attempt by the South African billionaire to show that "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end".

Others joked that it refers to eponymous watch company, others deemed it symbolised the end of Twitter, while others went so far as to translate the post as "the end of the coronavirus". There were, however, several who "read" the post correctly.

So after the chaos he caused with another post in Greek - he had previously posted the word "dialectic" in October - Elon Musk decided 8 hours later to explain what the letter "Ω" means.

So, according to Elon Musk, "Ω" is his message for "resist the current [thing]", as the last letter of the Greek alphabet is the symbol for the unit of measurement of electrical resistance in the International System of Units (the Ohm) which he took this name from the German physicist Georg Ohm.

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