Erdoğan: The conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque is a "Second Fall"


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan uses every opportunity to provoke Greece when giving speeches ahead of the May 14 elections in Turkey.

On Sunday, he targeted Hagia Sophia on the occasion of its conversion into a mosque, speaking of a "Second Fall" and talking about Mehmed the Conqueror.

Erdoğan's provocative statements were made at a meeting with young people as part of the program "Our roots are in the past, our eyes are in the future".

As reported by the SKAI correspondent, Erdoğan in a video appeared to read a "prophetic" poem in which he appears as a new conqueror.

The poem was as follows:

"Hagia Sophia, wonderful nae! Don't worry the grandchildren of Mehmed the Conqueror will tear down all the idols and turn you back into a mosque. They will cry when they get ready for prayer and kneel down to pray.

"The sounds of prayers will once again fill the empty domes. It will be the second Fall. Poets will write epics. Prayers will announce it. The sounds of prayers that will be heard from the empty minarets today will be heard again in heaven.

"The whole world will think that Mehmed the Conqueror has risen. The Second Fall this will happen, these days are near, maybe closer than tomorrow. Praise be to Allah, we deserved to reach this tomorrow.

"You heard the poem and it said it will open. Hagia Sophia... Has Hagia Sophia opened? God has claimed us. Praise be to Allah."

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