Phantom F-4 crashed to the south of Andravida - The two pilots didn't eject

F-4 Andravida

A Greek F-4E Phantom II aircraft crashed in the sea area off Andravida in southern Greece on Monday morning when on a training mission. The plane, which was accompanied by another Phantom, crashed 25 nautical miles south of Andravida airport.

According to Proto Thema, the two F-4Es were on a low flight part of the training mission below 300 ft and belonged to the 117th Fighter Wing’s 338 Squadron.

The second Phantom with which the F-4 that went down was conducting an exercise is over the accident area and is investigating while sea and air vehicles are moving towards the area from the Andravida base.

Three aerial vehicles, four Coast Guard vessels, one lifeguard and two private boats are engaged in the search.

It was reported that the pilots were not able to eject.

At the same time, it is not clear when the air accident happened, i.e. if they had just started the training flight or if they had finished and was returning with the other F-4E to Andravida AFB.

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