THESSALONIKI: Wolfdog finds his owner again after 5 years! - Their joy is indescribable (VIDEO)

wolfdog thessaloniki

The joy of a wolfdog was indescribable after he saw his master for the first time in five years!

Lefteris is a resident of Thessaloniki and the owner of the dog that their family did not expect to see again after they lost their four-legged friend in November 2017.

They searched for him for a long time, but their efforts fell into vain since since he was never found again, and they had to accept that either someone had stolen him from them, or that he died after being lost for so many months.

However, Lefteris received a paradoxical and extremely pleasant gift on Friday - on his birthday - when he received a phone call from a veterinarian in Stavros who informed him that their beloved wolfdog was found alive. He is now... 7.5 years old. They lost him when he was still a small dog.

In a video he uploaded to his Facebook account, he shows the touching moment when they see each other again. The dog went crazy with his joy and as it turned out, he did not forget him even after all these years...

The reunion took place with a very tight lasting hug and the dog wouldn't let go of him!

Watch the touching video:

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