Zozo Sapountzaki: "Onassis danced with me but kept talking about Maria Callas and his son"

Zozo Sapountzaki, Onassis

Zozo Sapountzaki was invited to the Chart Show and recounted her memories from the golden age of Greek cinema. In fact, the actress referred to her acquaintance with Aristotle Onassis and Stavros Niarchos, two of the most powerful men in Greece at the time she was performing.

Speaking about the two powerful Greeks, she said: "Onassis was amazing. He was a gentleman. While Niarchos, while I was finishing my song, sent me a box of matches. Yes, a matchbox. I would go up to the dressing room, see the box and it was full of pounds."

"But Onassis did not do such things. He danced with me and talked to me all the time about Maria Callas. Continuity. An amazing child and his son, Alexandros," said Sapountzaki on Alpha's music show.

At another point in her interview, Zozo Sapountzaki also told incredible stories and admitted how her mother had taken on the role of manager and many times even pretended to be her, in order to close or reject jobs.

"She would bring the phone in the morning but I was sleeping because I was working in the centre and in the theatre. She would pretend to be me and they would ask her 'How much?'. She would say 'Oh, not that much' but ask for a large amount. She would then tell me that she closed my deals," she said.

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