Cihat Yaycı: "If Turkey leaves NATO, Cyprus and Israel will join"


The former Chief of the General Staff of the Naval Forces of Turkey, Cihat Yaycı, argued that any Turkish exit from NATO would lead to the accession of Cyprus and Israel to the Alliance, and that in such a development, Greece will proceed with the expansion of its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles.

Speaking to the Haber7 network, the "Blue Homeland" theoretician sounded the alarm about possible developments, which may be launched after Turkey's veto on Sweden's accession to NATO, supporting scenarios of a "conspiracy" against Ankara.

"Today they cannot directly intervene in Turkey. But once Turkey withdraws from NATO, they will join Cyprus and Israel in NATO," asserted Yaycı.

"The 'Greek Cypriot Administration' (Note: As the Turks call the Republic of Cyprus ) will join in the same way as it was accepted in the European Union and will appear as the sole representative of Cyprus," he added.

Going even further, the retired Turkish admiral, and head of the Naval and Strategic Studies Centre of the private Bakhseşehir University, argued that if Cyprus becomes part of NATO, the question of a part of an Alliance member being occupied by another third country will be raised.

"Then article 5 will be applied against Turkey, saying that either you will leave Cyprus or we will expel you," he said.

The retired admiral pointed out that a possible removal of Turkey from NATO will lead Greece to increasing its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles and in the event of Turkey 's reaction, there will be allied support to Athens.

"If Turkey withdraws from NATO, Greece can increase its territorial waters. If Turkey intervenes, it will be told that its action is illegal and that Greece is using its legal right. This in the context of solidarity with a NATO country," Yaycı stressed.

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