Stadium of Ancient Nemea reopens today!

Ancient Nemea Stadium

The Stadium of Ancient Nemea reopens today to visitors after a prolonged period of closure for security reasons, Deputy Development & Investments Minister Christos Dimas announced on Tuesday.

The 4th century BC stadium had shut down over lack of security issues. The effort to reopen it involved the Society for the Revival of Nemean Games, the Nemea mayor, the Antiquities Ephorate of Corinthia, and the Culture ministry, all of whom Dimas thanked.

Ancient Nemea Stadium

"Ancient Nemea is one of the most significant archaeological sites of Greece. The importance of its Museum, the Temple of Zeus and the Stadium attract the interest of thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad annually, and have turned the region into a cultural attraction," Dimas said.

"It is something we all owe Stephen Miller," he added, citing the late archaeologist and professor (1942-1921). Miller devoted his career to the NE Peloponnesian site's excavation, particularly of the temple and the stadium, and founded the society for the modern Nemean games.

Miller made headlines worldwide for his work uncovering the ancient athletic site where the Panhellenic games were held. He also revived the games, as international footraces, open to all, held at the ancient site every four years.

The archaeologist, a professor emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley, directed the excavations of Ancient Nemea from 1973 to 2005. Miller became an honorary Greek citizen in 2005.

The retired academic recovered and preserved a vital part of ancient Greek history, and his efforts are nearly as impressive as those same ancients.

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