Miss Greece accuses Miss Australia fellow contestant of pushing her off a bus


Former Miss World beauty pageant competitor for Greece, Rafaela Plastira has accused former fellow contestant, current Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains contestant Sarah Marschke of pushing her off a bus in the past, reports the Daily Mail.

The news outlet cites an interview Plastira gave Greek media outlet Espresso, where she claimed the incident took place before the Miss World finals.

"'We were coming back from an event and as I was getting off the bus Miss Australia pushes me [from behind] causing my leg to twist. I got a sprain." says Plastira.

'For two days I moved around in a wheelchair… The girl who assaulted me claims it was an accident, but [I know] she pushed me on purpose. From the very start, [Sarah] appeared hostile towards me. This attack I suffered and the sprain have given greater strength of will for the finals.' she added.

Sarah, who is in the 'villains' tribe on Australian Survivor this year, brought up the pushing incident on the show - but denied the allegations.

'When I was representing Miss Australia at Miss World, a bit of controversy happened,' she said.

'Miss Greece told everyone, and it was all over the news, that I had pushed her down the stairs of a bus and ruined her chances of winning.

'I didn't - but if I did, she wouldn't have gotten up!'