Turkish media targets Georgiadis for saying Greek Rafale's "will destroy" Turkey's Air Force

Turkish media

Turkish media continues to target the Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, because of his recent statement that the Greek Rafale and Viper fighter jets will "destroy the Turkish Air Force".

A related report by the central news bulletin of the pro-government network Haber Global, aimed its shots at the Greek minister, continuing the targeting of Greek military chief Konstantinos Floros that began in the previous days.

"Greece continues to target Turkey. The Chief of the General Staff and the Minister of Development made successive provocative statements. Both said they were ready to face any kind of external intervention and argued that they have military superiority in the air and at sea," said the anchor of Haber Global's main news bulletin first.

In the report that followed, it was defiantly and falsely argued that Greece is the one that "targets" Turkey.

"The provocative statements made by Athens do not end after the Chief of the General Staff and Georgiadis targeted Turkey. The Greek minister said that 'We are ready to respond to every step of Turkey'," the report said.

"After yesterday's statements by the Chief of the General Staff, he continued the warmongering. He claimed that Greece, with its Rafale and F-16 Viper aircraft, can defeat the Turkish air force.

"He stated that 'If we gain air superiority in the Aegean, then Turkey will be at our mercy'," the report said, among other things.

The Turkish media reproduced the recent statement of Georgiadis in its entirety, calling it "scandalous".

Responding to Erdogan's threat: "we will suddenly come at night" the Minister of Development commented during his television interview: “We laugh every time we hear those words. I want to inform Mr. Erdogan that the Rafale and Viper will destroy the Turkish air force if they dare during the night, afternoon or morning."

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