The first snows in Parnitha! See the photos

parnitha snow greek flag february 1 2023

Parnitha to the north of Athens is unsurprisingly covered in white as the mercury has been dropping rapidly all across Greece in recent days.

Frost was recorded in many parts of Greece on Wednesday, with temperatures dropping to almost -11C in places during the early morning.

According to the automatic weather stations of Athens National Observatory's service, the lowest temperature (-10.9C) was recorded at the meteo station in Mavrolithari, Fokida.

The next lowest temperatures were recorded in Seli (-9.3C), Panachaiko (-8.4C), Terovo in Ioannina (-7.8C), Vovoussa in Ioannina (-7.7C), Vlasti in Kozani (-7.6C) and in Metsovo, Ioannina (-6.8C).

See the mesmerising photos of Parnitha:

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"As for Saturday morning, when a very temporary passage was expected with local snowfall and a little lower, the chances of it coming are decreasing due to the fact that the conditions will probably not be favorabl ," he had said.

On the contrary, the meteorologist Giorgos Tsatrafillias notes in his post on his personal Facebook account that " in the coming weeks there is intense movement for snow and at very low altitudes ".

Specifically, it states:Arm yourself with patience because the next two weeks will pass with colder than normal levels, while from Sunday and for several days there is strong movement for snow and at very low altitudes."

"The drop in temperature will be felt from Sunday, where stormy north winds will also blow, while according to the latest forecast data, on the same day, snow seems to besiege Evia and the northern suburbs of Attica and at low altitudes. I should emphasize that the forecast for Evia and Attica presents great UNCERTAINTY and may change.

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