Eurovision 2023 Scandal: Melissa Mantzoukis' lawyer questions how Victor Vernicos became Greece's representative

Victor Vernicos Melissa Mantzoukis Eurovision

A new scandal has erupted against the backdrop of Eurovision 2023 and the participation of Victor Vernicos as Greece's representative.

According to a report from the "Super Katerina" show, there are objections surrounding the selection of the 16-year-old who will represent Greece at the 67th Eurovision, with the song "What They Say" - lyrics he wrote himself.

This year, for the first time in many years, the public participated in the selection. There were three songs left in the final for the selection.

"What they say" by Victor Vernicos, "Shout Out" by Antonia Kaouri and Maria Maragou, who withdrew at the last minute, and "Liar" by Melissa Mantzoukis.

Christos Zotiadis, lawyer of Melissa Mantzoukis, one of the three finalists to try and represent Greece at Eurovision, revealed that his client's participation came first in the public vote and third in the jury.

The lawyer spoke about a great injustice and made statements on the "Super Katerina" show on Thursday.

The lawyer of the third candidate believes thats he was wronged: "Liar had come first in the public vote with 693 points, Victor's track with 509 and the third track with 341. Logically, the withdrawal of the Shout Out song should have affected the process. But that didn't happen."

"It is not understood how a song that had been withdrawn still received ratings. Melissa is a girl who recently lost her father, underwent a process with the best of intentions. It goes without saying that it will be investigated," he said.

As Zotiadis explained: "The results came into our hands because the participants had the right to request them. This particular song had a resonance and that's why we had some objections to the chaotic difference it had in jury's vote."

"We are waiting. We have given ERT until tomorrow to respond to us regarding the detailed process. For example, did the jury vote after knowing the public's results? We are waiting for the answer, we will take legal action."

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