Nick Kyrgios Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Ex Girlfriend

Nick Kyrgios Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Ex Girlfriend

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari after an argument on a night out over two years ago.

Kyrgios pleaded guilty to common assault at the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday, an offence which carries a maximum jail sentence of two years if convicted.

Despite Kyrgios's admission that he shoved his ex, magistrate Beth Campbell dismissed the charge meaning that the World No. 20 will not have a conviction recorded nor will he have to adhere to a good behaviour bond.

The magistrate referred to the incident as a "low level assault" which was not premeditated but an "impulsive and unfortunate response."

"You're a young man who happens to hit a tennis ball particularly well and your name is very well known outside this courtroom," she said, saying that she would deal with his case in the same way as any other young man facing the same charge.

According the the statement of sworn facts, Kyrgios and Passari got into a loud verbal argument outside a unit complex in Kingston, Canberra on the night of January 10, 2021.

In an attempt to leave the situation, Kyrgios ordered an Uber, however when it arrived, Passari stood in front of the passenger door to prevent it from closing and the car was unable to drive away.

Kyrgios told Passari to "leave me the f--- alone," then when she wouldn't move away, he put his hands on her hips and moved her out of the doorway.

When Passari moved back into the same position Kyrgos stood up, and with "significant force" pushed her, causing her to fall onto the ground and reportedly grazing her knee.

When Passari and Kyrgios met at a cafe the next day to talk about what happened, Kyrgios said that he was remorseful in the conversation which Passari had recorded without his knowledge.

They reconciled and the incident was not reported to police until 10 months later when the couple split.

The World No. 20 arrived at ACT Magistrates Court on crutches after a tear to his knee required surgery, causing him to pull out of the Australian Open on Day 1.

Kyrgios was supported at the court by his family and his current partner Costeen Hatzi.

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