ASPA: "I wish I never became a singer", after losing her brother Mad Clip

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Aspa, Mad Clip's sister, gave an interview to the magazine OK! and talked about, among other things, her success in singing, her brother and about her personal life.

On her brother Mad Clip, who died in a car accident, she revealed if he was the reason she got into music: "About two years ago, my brother and I created the song 'Oh No'. Unfortunately, life caught up with us, and I lost him."

"Mike Stathakis, who owns Golden Records, which Minos EMI owns, was an excellent friend of my brother, he had heard the song, and he helped me get started," she said.

"When I lost my brother, I would go to the studio, make various demo songs, and that was also like psychotherapy for me for the pain I was feeling. It helped me forget. That's how Stachti, my first song, was created," added the singer.


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Commenting on whether Mad Clip believed in her talent: “ My brother believed in me a lot. The plan we had was for him to help me and create tracks together. 'Let's go and take them all' he told me. But I'll tell you something, I wish I'd never lost him, and never became a singer."


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Speaking about those who believe she achieved some things in the field of music because of her brother, she clarified: "I don't think it's unreasonable for someone to think that, but I know it's not like that.

"I disagree; of course, I have never tried to take advantage of any situation, let alone anything to do with my brother. I knew I would be criticised for it. I'm fine with my conscience.

"These comments bother me, I won't hide it from you, but I can't do anything. I feel hours and hours of injustice because I'm trying hard, but my course will show if they were right or I."

As for what she remembers from the late trapper: "I'm very proud of the work he left behind.

He is very much loved by the people, and that is something that eases the pain I feel a little. It's not easy to be in a store and listen to his songs. It's still very fresh."

"I've never experienced such a loss before, I don't know if it happens to everyone when they lose someone of their own, but I can't single out a moment. They all hold an important place in my heart. To the world, he was Mad Clip. To me, he was my brother," she added.


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Aspa also referred to her personal life, pointing out: "I want this part of my life to be completely personal. In the process, I may not be able to avoid it. I am fine, but I have channelled all my energy into my business. I have set myself the goal of succeeding in singing."


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On September 2, 2021, Mad Clip met a tragic death when the Porsche he was driving veered off its course and hit a pillar and then a large eucalyptus tree, where it came to rest in Vouliagmeni, Attica.

The impact was so severe that the driver, Peter Anastasopoulos, known as Mad Clip, was trapped inside the vehicle, and it took firefighters about two hours to extricate him. The 34-year-old was transported to the hospital, where he succumbed to serious injuries.

Listen to Aspa's new song, which was only released last week.

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