SYRIZA calls on Mitsotakis to announce date of national elections

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis SYRIZA

Instead of allowing the date of national elections to remain unsettled, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis should call them immediately, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Popi Tsapanidou said on Sunday.

Speaking to Mega, Tsapanidou also said that the prime minister "must provide answers as to the existence of wiretapping products and as to who owns them and who can use them."

She reiterated the main opposition party's position that, excepting the amendment related to blocking convicted neo-Nazis from running in elections, SYRIZA "will participate in all procedures in Parliament, will express its stances, but will abstain from voting."

SYRIZA does not recognize this government's right to legislate and demands the dissolution of Parliament and calling national elections, she reiterated.

Tsapanidou also said that the above-mentioned amendment "has a lot of holes in it, it is not stated clearly in order to achieve the exclusion of neo-Nazis from Parliament," and may run into issues with constitutional check.

SYRIZA has tabled a targeted and constitutionally checked amendment, which is the one that should be discussed in Parliament, she asserted.

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