How to provide humanitarian aid in Athens for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

Turkey earthquake Athens

Starting on Wednesday, the Municipality of Athens will start gathering first aid, food and other supplies in order to help cover the urgent needs of thousands of people in the earthquake-affected regions of Turkey and Syria.

Starting tomorrow on February 8 and until February 10, essential items are being collected at:

  • the City Hall (Athinas 63) 08:00 – 20:00
  • the Mutual Aid Junction (Domokou 2 & Philadelphias) 08:00 - 15:00
  • In all Friendship Clubs 08:00 - 14:00

Items to collect

1. Blankets, bedding, sleeping bags, pillows

2. Clean clothes for adults and children, winter boots, coats, scarves and gloves

3. Long-lasting food (legumes, canned goods, cookies, nuts, etc.), bottled water, etc.

4. Baby foods, baby milks, diapers and baby care items

5. Personal hygiene KIT for women

6. Medical supplies (painkillers, anti-inflammatories, gauze, bandages, first aid kits, saline)

“The magnitude of the destruction in Turkey and Syria is unimaginable. We join in the mourning, we sympathise. Let's actively support the people who are being tested at these time," said the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis.

Upon completion of the collection, the Municipality of Athens will ensure the immediate dispatch of all aid to those affected.

The following are the Friendship Clubs of the Municipality of Athens:

- Agios Pavlos (Mamouri & Dymis, tel. 210 8223946, 210 8223186)

- Koukakiou (Drakou 26-28, tel. 210 9232044, 210 9200269)

- "The Ascension of the Lord", (Heldreich 15, tel. 210 9240403)

- Neo Kosmos (Sostratou 5, tel. 210 9231495)

- Agios Artemios (Meteoron 16 & Damareos, tel. 210 7512990)

- Pagratiou (12 Pratinou, tel. 210 7242160)

- Ano Petralonon (Aixoneon & Myrmidonon, tel. 210 3476398)

- Kato Petralonon (61 Athinodorou, tel. 210 3425513)

- Kozanikos (4) , tel. 210 3423716)

- Metaxourgeio (17 Yatrakou & 37 Meg. Alexandrou, 210 5246950, 210 5246850)

- Plato Academy (Pylos & Marath/hon, tel. 210 5125264)

- Kolonou (4 Thesprotias, tel. 210 5130805)

- Sepolion (4 Galaxidiou, tel. 210 5152061)

- Kolokynthos (Aimonos 9 & Astrous, tel. 210 5140877 - 210 5135888)

- Kato Patision (Arkoleon 12, tel. 210 8311900)

- Agios Eleftherios (Acharnon 372, tel. 210 2012334)

- Taygetou (266) tel. 210 2231419)

- Lamprini (Ialemou 63, tel. 210 2933857)

- Kypselis (Skyrou & Kavkasou, tel. 210 8815877)

- Kypselis (Kios 5, tel. 210 8623313)

- Agios Meletios (Xenagora 6, tel. 6 790 8 )

- America Square (Telestou 4, tel. 210 8646481)

- Gyzi (Vafiochoriou 8, tel. 210 6441315)

- Ellinorouson (Emilias Dafni 14, tel. 210 6718242)

- Panormou (Panormou & Vatheos, tel. 210 6459890, 210 6451870)

Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan has declared a state of emergency for three months in ten provinces impacted by the earthquakes.

The government plans to open hotels in the Antalya area for those impacted, after almost 5,800 buildings were destroyed.

He said 70 countries have offered help in search and rescue efforts, which continue across Turkey and Syria.

The death toll in Turkey has risen to 3,549 people, he said, taking the total number of people killed by the earthquake to more than 5,100.

Shelter is the most urgent type of aid because "the cold will kill people", the UK head of a conflict and humanitarian advocacy group has said.

The weather is "equally deadly" as the earthquake, said James Denselow, of Save the Children.

Temperatures are expected to fall below zero in Gaziantep in Turkey tonight, according to the Met Office, near the epicentre of the first earthquake.

"Providing shelter is the most urgent type of aid from our perspective, because the cold will kill people in ways that are less spectacular than the earthquake, but equally deadly," said Mr Denselow.

"The scale of this earthquake, in terms of not just strength but the kind of actual absolute sprawl of it has meant that we've had to spend a lot of time in this first phase checking in on needs, checking in on what is working logistically, checking that all our people are okay.

"Because you've got airports out of action, hospitals collapsed, clinics collapsed, all the sort of places we would normally use are not necessarily accessible."

The flow of critical United Nations (UN) aid from Turkey to northwest Syria has temporarily stopped due to damaged roads and logistical issues.

UN spokesperson Madevi Sun-Suona said some roads that would be used to transport the much-needed assistance are "broken" or "inaccessible".

"There are logistical issues that need to be worked through," Ms Sun-Suona added.

"We don't have a clear picture of when it will resume."

Syria is in dire need of international assistance to help in its search and rescue effort, with experts telling Sky News it was already facing a humanitarian crisis before the earthquake.

The country has endured several crises in recent years, including a civil war, economic crisis and, in December, an outbreak of cholera.

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