FLASHBACK to snow-covered Athens in 1981: "An extensive snowfall reached the capital" (VIDEO)

athens snow 1981

Although the Greek capital received light snow on Sunday and Monday, it is actually quite rare to see the city blanketed in white, like what occurred in 1981.

As the Aylon Film Archives writes on YouTube: "We are in Athens, in the area of ​​Paleo Psychiko, in January 1981, when a snowstorm that was spread throughout Greece arrived in the capital, during the previous night.

"We watch a man who tries to clean his snow-covered car with an object. We see general views of the area where the snow falls covering trees, houses, vehicles. The man moves his car, a woman gets in it and they leave for a drive in snowy Athens, a rare weather phenomenon for the city.

"On the way we see very few cars moving, the wonderful snowy landscape and the slightly increased traffic on Kifissias Avenue, in the direction to the center.

"We stand out the emblematic 'Floca' coffee-confectionery, around us buses, trolleys, cars and in front of us stands the 'Tower of Athens', with the Bank 'Pisteos' on its ground floor, at the height of Ampelokipoi area, at the beginning of Mesogeion Avenue.

"In the background, we can see the building of the Hippocrateion Hospital. The route continues on Vasilissis Sofias Street, in the snowy Eleftherias Park with the stairs and the bronze statue of Eleftherios Venizelos.

"We see a general, panoramic shot of the Hilton Hotel. A kiosk just before we turn on Herodou Attikou Street, on our right the National Garden, the outposts of the guards of the political leaders who live there, citizens who have come out to enjoy the snow, which continues to fall softly.

"At the end of the road is the Discobolus (discus thrower) statue of the sculptor Konstantinos Dimitriadis, a copy of the homonymous work of the ancient artist Myron.

"In the opposite direction is the Panathinaiko Stadium or Kallimarmaro and lastly, near 'Zappeion', the statue of the sculptor Dimitris Filippotis 'The woodcutter'."

Watch the video:

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