Julia Alexandratou became a mother and revealed her partner for the first time

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Julia Alexandratou and her partner are experiencing absolute happiness after welcoming their first child into the world. The model revealed a few hours ago through Instagram that she became a mother for the first time. She even shared a photo with her social media followers from the maternity ward.

As she revealed, her daughter will be named "Paris". So far, Julia Alexandratou has not revealed any details about her partner and father of the child.

The model has avoided being in the spotlight in recent years and makes sure to share with the public what she wants through her Instagram account, as well as OnlyFans.

However, yesterday she made a difference and posted an insta story with her partner on her profile. He may have used filters in this and the image was not clear, but this is the first time he has shown his face on social media.

In the video posted, he and Julia Alexandratou exchange a kiss. On the story, she advised her audience to visit her OnlyFans profile for more details about their relationship.

"For anyone who wants to see my partner and father of my child and my whole personal life, they can go to OnlyFans," she wrote.

"My baby Paris is born ! ❤️
We Love You Beyond Words Welcome 🙏 🌎
( 9 μηνες Πεθαν@ )
NO ONE will Understand ur Life journey.
Your Life is Yours.
I’m Forever Unbelievably Grateful ,Lucky and Blessed.
Η ζωή μου Τώρα Αρχίζει.
I Have Everything I Want.
✨MY ALL ! ✨👶🏼"

The last relationship that saw the light of day was her marriage to Christian Karpozillo a few years ago, where she gave up her life in Greece leaving for a better future in Austria.

The model moved permanently to Greece after their separation and in an earlier interview, she had stated the following:

“With Christian, the circle of our common life has closed and the competent courts are those of the country where we got married. For two days now I have been living permanently in Greece, specifically in Psychiko. My furniture also arrived. I’m not going to act in porn movies again. Sex is over, what interests me now is to look at my career. I have a great appetite for new things and businesses. This is going to be a creative period for me. Far from my past.”

However, in one of her publications some time ago, the model revealed that in the past she had two other pregnancies, stressing that the world is not privy to many things in her life.

“By the way, this is my third pregnancy. I have talked about my 2 previous pregnancies before. You know nothing about my life. And that’s how I want it to stay. Please look at your life and your work. Thank you”, wrote Julia Alexandratou.

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