Konstantina Chrysopoulou is European karate champion!

Konstantina Chrysopoulou

18-year-old Konstantina Chrysopoulou won a gold medal at the European Karate Championship held in Larnaca, Cyprus.

The 18-year-old karateka, a few days after her triumph at the K1 Series A in Athens, also triumphed in Cyprus, as she climbed to the highest step of the podium in the -61k U21 KUMITE category.

In the final, Konstantina Chrysopoulou prevailed 4-2 over Reem Khamis (Germany), while to get there she had successively defeated the Italian Aurora Graziosi (5-5), the Irish Ava O'Sullivan (7-2), the Bosnian Marina Kurtes ( 5-1) and in the semi-final Viktorija Jovanovska from North Macedonia (7-4).

Maria-Antonia Zamantza won a silver medal in the 61k junior KUMITE category. She was defeated 1-0 in the final by Spain's Julia Clopes.

Athina Tsiakmaki won the bronze medal in KATA Juniors. The "small" final of the category developed into a "thriller" with the champion of the Athlos Peristeri gathering a score of 41.3 against 41.1 of Marques from Portugal.

Thus, the Greek delegation returned on Sunday to Athens with one gold, one silver and one bronze medal, which places them in 13th among 48 countries that participated in the event, with 1,100 athletes.

But, equally important is the fact that out of the 36 karate fighters who made up the Greek team in Larnaca, 16 were ranked, i.e. they were in the top nine of their category.

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