Shark washed up frozen on the beach - Photos

frozen shark

A dead and frozen shark washed up on a frozen beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts last weekend. A local photographer stumbled upon his carcass as she strolled along the beach, aptly named Cold Storage Beach.

The photographer, Amie, took the photo of the shark and uploaded it to her personal Instagram account.

In her comments she said the frozen animal was not what she expected to find.

Believed to be a porbeagle shark, the sea creature may have died from an injury to its side. Amie's photos show that it has scratches above its fins.

According to the National Weather Service, ice covered parts of the beach as temperatures fell below freezing in the area.

Sharks in the waters of Cape Cod were a common sight during the summer, as many had chosen the said beach for their swim. Beaches all over the east coast were closed due to sighting of the animal and even some minor attacks occurred.

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