Greek man went viral for playing bouzouki in the snow while a bear licks him (VIDEO)

greek man bear bouzouki

A man from the central Greek city of Larissa went viral on the internet for playing a bouzouki in the snow while a bear licks him

The restaurant worker, Dimitris Katsiura, lives in Russia but still keeps in touch with his Greek roots while playing music.

"Don't play with the Russian bear... I play.. Sirtaki. From Russia with love," said Dimitris Katsiouras in his post . "He won't let me play a trick though..." he said in the video as the cute bear licks his hand.

See the video:

His post is making the rounds on the internet as he is pictured in a beautiful snowy landscape playing a bouzouki as a big bear sits next to him… first licking his hand and then enjoying pecks.

The musician has been working in Moscow since 2019 in a Greek restaurant.

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