Top 5 Greek shipping companies with the most expensive fleets

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VesselsValue presented the details about Greek-owned shipping, specifically the leaders in fleet value by company and not by group.


1. Maran Gas Maritime, the LNG arm of the Angelicoussis Group, is ranked first in a list of the top five Greek owners with a fleet value of USD 8.01 billion. Additionally, their fleet consists of 22 live vessels and a further 12 on order.

2. Thenamaris have the largest fleet with 95 vessels both live and on order and a total value of USD 5.24 bil. Tankers make up the majority of their trading fleet, accounting for 60% while the remainder consists of Bulkers, Containers, LNG and LNG carriers.

3. Maran Tankers, also part of the Angelicoussis Group, came in third with a value of USD 4.62 billion and 56 vessels.

4. Minerva Maritime with a total value of USD 4.52 bil and 78 vessels.

4. New York listed Tsakos Energy Navigation is ranked fifth with a value of USD 4.1 billion and consists of 68 vessels.

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Regarding the total value of the fleet, the Greek fleet ranks third worldwide. This applies to both the number of ships and the total value, which includes 4,709 ships active and on order and a total value of US$152.69 billion.

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Japan tops the total value list with a fleet worth $193.64 billion, while China ranks first in terms of number of ships with a fleet of 7,114 ships.

The most valuable Greek owned cargo vessel is the recently delivered Clean Copano (199,830 CBM, Jul 2022, Hyundai Heavy Ind).

Owned by Dynagas, this Large LNG carrier is valued at USD 286.11 mil. In the Ferry sector, the most valuable vessel is the Blue Star Patmos, owned Ropax Blue Star Ferries (18,498 GT, June 2012, Daewoo) and valued at USD 63.28 mil.

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