EMAK has rescued 5 individuals in Hatay, recovered the bodies of another 5, Fire Brigade says

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The Greek special disaster management team (EMAK) has rescued 5 people and recovered another 5 bodies since it arrived on Tuesday at earthquake-stricken Hatay, southeastern Türkiye, the Fire Brigade said on Wednesday.

According to the Fire Brigade, to which all EMAK teams belong, the following individuals had been rescued so far:

  • A man, around 50 years of age, on Tuesday (Feb. 7)
  • A girl, around 9 yrs of age (Feb. 7)
  • A girl, around 7 yrs of age (Feb. 7)
  • A boy, around 17 yrs of age (Feb. 8), and
  • A woman around 20 yrs of age (Feb. 8).

In addition, the bodies of the following individuals have been recovered so far:

  • A girl, around 3 yrs of age (Feb. 7)
  • A man, around 40 yrs of age 40s (Feb. 8)
  • A boy, around 17 yrs of age (Feb. 8)
  • An infant, around 4 months old (Feb. 8), and
  • A woman, around 30 yrs of age.

The rescue and recovery operations are continuing, the Fire Brigade said.
Meanwhile, a second EMAK team has left Thessaloniki for Türkiye on Wednesday evening.

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