The most advanced Greek drone will be ready in 2025!

grypas drone grypas greek drone

After the Archytas drone program, whose program is progressing within its allocated schedule, the time has come for the next step. A much more sophisticated and capable drone, the "Grypas" will be Greece's answer to Turkish dominance in this field.

The kick-off meeting of the Grypas drone program, which concerns the design and industrial production of a second and more complex unmanned aerial vehicle (drone), was held at the facilities of the Hellenic Aviation Industry (EAV) in Tanagra, reported News Auto.

The meeting on the new program, which utilises the know-how acquired from the "Archytas" program (which has not yet flown), was attended by the scientific leaders and their collaborators from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the University of Patras, the Democritus University Thrace and the University of Thessaly,  as well as the relevant staff of EAV.

According to a related announcement, the meeting was a complete success and created positive expectations for the timely and successful completion of the project.

The synergy of the "Grypas" program between so many agencies demonstrates the exceptional level of cooperation between academic institutions, the Greek Aviation Industry and the State and it is predicted that it will be a multiplier of the positive outcome of the program.

grypas drone grypas greek drone

The first phase of the Grypas program is to be completed within the next two years - by 2025.

"Grypas" is being developed in collaboration with research groups from four Greek universities, the Ministry of National Defense and the ODA.

Its mission will not only be the surveillance of the Aegean as it will have operational responsibilities and carry armaments when the conditions require it.

Its main features include a turbo jet engine, modern weaponry and electronics that will allow it to "communicate" with ground forces in order to direct itself more effectively to the target.

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