Super League returns with new proposal involving ‘60 to 80’ teams

European Super League

The organisers behind the European Super League have announced a revamped format for the controversial tournament, which would see 60 to 80 teams competing in a “multi-divisional competition”.

The new-look Super League would be based on “sporting performance” only with no permanent members.

The idea has already been dismissed by Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga, as the “latest attempt by big clubs to hijack European football”.

Bernd Reichart, the chief executive of the A22 Sports Management Group, behind the plans, said on Thursday that a revamped Super League would be based on sporting performance and not contain any permanent membership from any clubs.

Reichart added that A22 had ​​consulted with nearly 50 European clubs since October last year and developed ten principles based on that consultation which underpin its plans for the new-look league.

The new format would see the clubs involved play a minimum of 14 Super League matches per season, which Reichart claims would increase the “stability and predictability” of club revenues.

Reichart told German newspaper Die Welt: “The foundations of European football are in danger of collapsing.

“It’s time for a change. It is the clubs that bear the entrepreneurial risk in football. But when important decisions are at stake, they are too often forced to sit idly by on the sidelines as the sporting and financial foundations crumble around them.

“Our talks have also made it clear that clubs often find it impossible to speak out publicly against a system that uses the threat of sanctions to thwart opposition.

“Our dialogue was open, honest, constructive and resulted in clear ideas about what changes are needed and how they could be implemented. There is a lot to do and we will continue our dialogue.”

But the plans were immediately denounced by Tebas, who on Thursday tweeted a cartoon of ‘European football’ portrayed as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, along with a wolf wearing a ‘Super League’ badge.

Tebas added: “The Super League is the wolf, who today disguises himself as a granny to try to fool European football, but HIS nose and HIS teeth are very big, four divisions in Europe?

“Of course the first for them, as in the 2019 reform. Government of the clubs? Of course only the big ones.”

A22 has challenged UEFA and FIFA’s right to block the formation of the Super League and sanction the competing clubs in the courts.

They have argued the governing bodies are abusing a dominant position under EU competition law.

UEFA has already dismissed A22’s idea of launching a revamped Super League, saying “the whole of European football opposes their greedy plan” after a meeting in November.

The Super League was announced in April 2021 but almost immediately collapsed amidst widespread condemnation from rival clubs, domestic leagues and European politicians.

Six English Premier League teams signed up to the ESL — Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. All withdrew.

They joined AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid as founder members.


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