Mitsotakis: Greece will be at the Frontline to Assist Turkey

Mitsotakis Greece will be at the frontline to assist Turkey

Mitsotakis says, "Greece will be at the frontline to organise an EU summit of donors to seek additional funds in order to assist with the reconstruction and relief those affected by the earthquakes."

As the death toll across Turkey and Syria in the wake of a powerful earthquake rises to over 20,000 on the fourth day of rescue efforts, Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis has pledged aid to assist the hundreds of thousands of people who have been left homeless in the middle of winter.

Authorities estimate 6,500 buildings in Turkey have collapsed with countless more damaged, leaving civilians with no choice but to camp out in makeshift shelters in supermarket car parks, mosques, huddling around campfires along the roadside and amidst the ruins, desperate for food, water and heat.

Many of those affected in Turkey have been distressed by the lack of equipment and assistance to rescue those still trapped, sometimes as they could still hear cries for help by those remaining trapped.

Mitsotakis offers humanitarian aid, saying that Greece will be at the "frontline" in the organisation of assistance to Turkey.

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