Elena Kremlidou wants to open an OnlyFans account

Elena Kremlidou

Elena Kremlidou expressed her desire to open an OnlyFans account in a video uploaded to her YouTube channel.

The former Survivor contestant had Dionysis Atzarakis as a guest a few days ago and they spent a few minutes discussing their business plans.

When asked if she would make an account on the infamous site, the Instagrammer revealed: “I talk about it a lot, but not naked. I'm already doing it on Instagram like hell, why not get paid. Onlyfans is... scumbag."

"I will upload new photos. I don't know, I'm thinking about it a lot, since I did it for Playboy and didn't get paid," she said.

Watch the video after the 16th minute:

OnlyFans is a subscription content platform that, since the quarantine period, has gained a lot of traction with the wider online audience while also making money for those who use it... "smartly".

The content is usually revealing photos and videos, of both women and men, whose audience pays a certain amount to view each member's content.

It is recalled that Julia Alexandratou revealed some time ago that she manages to earn about half a million euros annually from the website in recent years!

In 2021, Elena did a nude photoshoot for the well-known magazine Playboy, which when it was released received dozens of comments on social media.

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The backstage video from the magazine shoot

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