Eleni Foureira: See her touching photos from inside the maternity ward

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Eleni Foureira became a mother for the first time on February 7. The well-known singer was discharged on Saturday and a few hours later uploaded the first photo with her son.

Eleni Foureira, breastfeeds her son inside the maternity ward and declares "you are my greatest achievement 02/07/23".

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The singer's gynecologist spoke on the show "Happy Day", giving details about the delivery, the baby, but also the strength shown by Eleni Foureira, who had Alberto Botía, her partner and father of her son, by her side.

As the doctor reported, Eleni Foureira entered the maternity ward at 6:00 in the morning and gave birth with normal labor at 15:20.

In more detail, he stated: "She gave birth at 15:20 in the afternoon. Eleni Foureira was cooperative throughout the delivery. She was very good, had normal bowel movements and we had a very normal birth. A baby was born weighing around 2,900 grams, healthy and beautiful."

"They live unprecedented moments with a lot of emotion, joy, happiness like all the mothers of the world. When you become a mother for the first time, the feeling is more touching."

After saying that the baby looks like both of them, she emphasised: "She is a mentally very strong woman. She didn't give up for a moment. She is also an example for other women who face problems."

"She is excellent. A person who goes through problems with discipline, listens to doctors, cooperates perfectly and is very good. He will be discharged in two days. She is always with her son."

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