A different message from Turkish media to Greece: "Thank you so much, friend"


With the front page title "EFHARISTO POLI FILE" (Greek for "Thank You So Much Friend"), the Turkish pro-government newspaper Hürriyet thanked Greece for its support and assistance to the areas affected by last Monday's deadly earthquake.

The publication refers to the return of the Emergency Disaster Response Team (EMAK) teams to Greece, after completing their mission.

"The Greek search and rescue team that came to help Turkey after the earthquake completed its work and returned to Greece a week later," the article said, showing the statement of the head of the 1st EMAK Dimitris Roussos to the media.

"An official of of the Greek team, who lived very emotional moments, saying goodbye, he said: 'What we do for our country, we did the same for Turkey'," the Turkish outlet quoted him as saying.

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Hürriyet noted the incident, publishing a related photo snapshot, when EMAK men burst into exclamations of joy and hugs after rescuing a 6-year-old girl from the debris in Antioch (Ἀντιόχεια, Turkish: Antakya), the day after the earthquake.

The return of EMAK to Greece is also featured in almost all of the Turkish media.

"The Greek rescue team (EMAK), who stayed in Turkey for a week and took part in the rescue operations, were welcomed as heroes in Athens," they noted, among other things.

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