Corfu: Man arrested for strangling his 93-year-old mother in August

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A 64-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday morning in Corfu by the Security Directorate as he is accused of murdering his 93-year-old mother, who was found dead in her home at noon on August 28, 2022. From the forensic examination, the elderly woman had died violently by strangulation.

During the preliminary investigation, there were indications of her son's guilt, which were laboratory confirmed. The arrested person is facing psychological problems, Proto Thema reported.

In the police announcement it is stated that "the arrest of the 64-year-old man was carried out pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by the Corfu Criminal Investigation Department, for the crime of homicide, following a preliminary investigation carried out by the Corfu Security Sub-Directorate, during which laboratory data and collected preliminary investigation material were used."

"The arrested person was taken to the competent Prosecutor's Office and is being held in a psychiatric facility."

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