Pakistani Civil Protection volunteer was apprehended outside the residence of Ambassador Tsunis

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An Immediate Action patrol crew spotted on Sunday night a suspicious car with Bulgarian license plates, a Civil Protection emblem, car sirens and a Pakistani driver parked at the scene. The vehicle was right near the residence of US Ambassador to Greece George Tsunis.

The State Security and Anti-Terrorism Service were mobilised, whose officers went to the Police Station of the area where the suspect had been brought in. According to News Bomb, this was in order to ascertain who he is and why he had a Civil Protection badges and a siren on the his car.

The Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection is responsible for dealing with earthquakes, landslides, forest fires, floods, intense weather conditions and other natural disasters. Civil Protection relies on vast network of volunteers throughout Greece who are ready to mobilise in case of disaster.

The Pakistani national was marked because in the past he had been involved in the illegal smuggling of his compatriots into Greece. He had been convicted and served his sentence.

It turns out that he was a certified volunteer of the Civil Protection, with the relevant identity and the right to have car sirens and the relevant signs on his car so that he could drive quickly and pass police roadblocks when called to respond to disasters.

He stated to the police officers who questioned him that he was simply passing by the specific spot without even knowing that the American Ambassador's residence was located there, and then he was released after nothing came against him.

Despite all this, the investigation by the Attica Security continues, mainly due to the foreigner's criminal past, not in relation to the American Ambassador, but to his certification by the Civil Protection, which gives him the ability to avoid police checks in some cases.

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