Greek man who played bouzouki next to a bear revealed his secret: "I had a few shots of tsipouro" (VIDEO)

bouzouki bear

The daring Greek man who went viral earlier this month for playing bouzouki while a bear was licking him in snowy Russia has revealed the secret of his courage.

Dimitris Katsiouras, speaking to media, revealed what gave him the courage to approach the bear and play bouzouki for it. The musician had drunk some tsipouro, a potent Greek alcohol that was brought to Moscow from his native Larissa. This made him more relaxed to play bouzouki for the bear.

He explained that this is a trained 4-year-old bear named Tom, emphasising: "It was a very pleasant experience and I did not expect this video to take such dimensions."

"In Russia, we live a good life, I work in a Greek restaurant. In general I have worked in many countries as a musician, I like adventures. Know that the story with the bear is not over... "

See the video:

The restaurant worker, who lives in Russia but still keeps in touch with his Greek roots while playing music, wrote in his post:

"Don't play with the Russian bear... I play.. Sirtaki. From Russia with love," said Dimitris Katsiouras in his post . "He won't let me play a trick though..." he said in the video as the cute bear licks his hand.

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