THESSALONIKI: Bulgarian accused of selling US tech to Russia is released on bail

thessaloniki US American Chain Chinese microchip

A 49-year-old Bulgarian man, accused of selling American technology to Russia, was released on Wednesday by the Thessaloniki Appeals Council after he posted a 5,000-euro bail. This is on the condition that he may not leave Greece.

The man is wanted in the US for allegedly selling US-made microchips and other high-tech components to Russia, using a fake Bulgarian company as a commercial front, thus bypassing commercial restrictions imposed by the US government.

He was arrested by Greek police in December in the area of Sidirokastro, in Serres, under a pending international arrest warrant, and was detained in Diavata prison since then.

The man denies the charges of "defrauding the government" and on "laundering money from criminal activities," stressing that he bears no relation to illegal exports to Russia.

He also said the components "were not dangerous" nor required a special trade license.

The council postponed discussing the extradition on Wednesday, accepting his defence lawyer's request that the American authorities send more documentation, which will be compared with receipts the defendant brings to the council.

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