Turkey Earthquake: The Turks thanked the Greek rescuers with red roses

turkey earthquake greek rescuers red roses

The Turks who survived the deadly earthquakes said goodbye to the Greek rescuers with red roses, thanking them for their help. After four days of rescuing survivors from under the rubble, the volunteers made their way back from the earthquake affected areas.

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They now have in their memory all the difficult human moments they experienced, and also the roses distributed to them by the residents of the affected areas of the neighbouring country who wanted to show them gratitude for the help they offered.

"They hugged us and said 'thank you' in Greek," the head of the Greek mission Giorgos Roumeliotis will tell Proto Thema.

"They were very special feelings that we will never forget. Unfortunately we had to leave because there is protocol in rescue searches that must be followed. We are returning with images that shocked us."

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