Crete: Pakistanis threatened a 35-year-old man with a cleaver and robbed him!

thessaloniki handcuffs arrested Pakistanis

Five Pakistanis in Crete, who earlier this week robbed a fellow countryman, allegedly, and threatened him with a cleaver, were finally brought before a prosecutor in Heraklion.

According to Nea Kriti, after their testimony, it was decided to pre-trial detention one of them.
The same sources states that this is the person who was allegedly holding the cleaver. The amount of money stolen from his 35-year-old compatriot was also allegedly found on him by the police..

Regarding the remaining four Pakistanis who were also arrested and testified on Wednesday, it became known that they do not have legalisation documents, and are thus in Greece illegally.

As such, they are being held in administrative detention and are expected to be deported from the country.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon in Tympaki, Messara.

According to Nea Kriti, the Pakistanis who allegedly robbed a 35-year-old compatriot were brought before the Heraklion prosecutor over the weekend, who brought criminal charges against them in the degree of felony.

As the police announced a few days ago, foreigners grabbed 400 euros from a 35-year-old, threatening him with a cleaver.

According to the police statement, the perpetrators used physical violence against the 35-year-old.

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