Miltos Tentoglou is auctioning off his "controversial" shoes for the children in Turkey

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Although long jumper Miltiadis (Miltos) Tentoglou saw his 8.40 metre jump in Torún last week disallowed by the World Athletics as he wore the wrong coloured running spikes, he made his own  response by leaving everyone with no doubt that he is the current world number 1 as he leapt to 8.41m.

The World Athletics Federation canceled his 8.40m jump at the Torún competition in Poland because he was wearing a limited edition range of competition shoes which are banned for use in events but which have no material difference other than the colour from what he usually wears.

Tentoglou responded to the decision in an Instagram post, saying, "And the funny thing is that next week I'm gonna wear the same spike but is different color so it's 'approved'. And apparently it's ok to miss 3 anti doping tests but noτ wear this shoes."

A few days after the World Athletics Federation's inexplicable decision to cancel his jump of 8.40m, he went to Lieuven, France and on his 4th jump landed 8.41m, again marking the best performance of the year in the world.

Immediately after his success in France, Tentoglou posted a story on Instagram, thanking the Greeks for the support they gave him in the injustice he suffered.

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See some of the tweets about Milto Tentoglou:

"Yesterday they canceled the jump he did at 8.40 because of shoes, he says This morning after yelling at them, he told them "I do this jump WHENEVER I want". And a little while ago he jumped to 8.41 and made the top performance for this year in the world."

"All you managed to do was make him stubborn!!"

"Next challenge: Barefoot and a performance of 8.42m"

"Since you didn't like 8.40, he got 8.41."

Same shoes, different colour

Tentoglou posted photos of the shoes in question which weren't allowed, comparing them to another pair of shoes which were permitted by World Athletics, the only difference between the pairs being the colour.


"They cancel my 8.40 jump because I'm wearing the spike in the 1st picture. While the other 2 spikes are ok for the long jump.

"The first 2 pictures are the same spike but different colours BTW," he wrote.

"I don't care about an 8.40 jump. I can jump it whenever the f*$k I want."

The record breaking long jump of Miltos Tedoglou at 8.41m in Lieven has confirmed that the Greek athlete is by far the best jumper on the planet, no matter the shoes he is wearing.

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Of course, the Greek, apart from being a great athlete, is also a great personality. So, together with his coach Georgi Pomashki, they decided to proceed with an important initiative.

Upon their arrival from France where the Greek Olympian jumped 8.41m and set this year's world record in length the federal coach revealed that the shoes in question will be auctioned off with the money going to the children affected by the earthquakes in Turkey .

"I have told Miltos to keep the shoes that canceled his jump, to put them up for auction, to get the money and to give them to the children of Turkey," said Pomashki.

Regarding the cancellation of the record because of the shoes, he noted: "We are used to these. It wasn't done in a big organisation. He didn't miss a medal. Tomorrow we continue."

"The judges didn't know what was happening to them. I laughed a lot" he said of the comments on Twitter

"It was unacceptable what happened, it was an insult to other athletes and for that many foreign athletes immediately supported me. Hello Greeks, ok... I laughed a lot, I didn't expect it and I thank them all", said Miltos upon his arrival, having regained his calm after the adventure of the last few hours.


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