Turkish citizens warmly thank Greek rescuers on their return to Greece

Greek EMAK Istanbul Airport

Personnel of the Greek special disaster management team (EMAK) received a warm applause and shouts of recognition for their work from ordinary Turkish citizens. On their return to Greece, from Istanbul, the Greek echelons received a warm welcome wherever they were.

The videos posted by Turkish social media users fully reflect the image and feelings of the majority of Turks, who seem to have put aside - for the moment at least - the extreme rhetoric against Greece - which dominated the previous period - projecting now the necessity of cooperation, friendship and peaceful coexistence between the two countries.

The first video shows EMAK crossing an airport in Istanbul on their return to Greece, receiving the warm applause of the world.

"The Greek rescue team that has been working for days for our earthquake victims is at the Istanbul airport to return to their country. Thank you neighbour, thank you brother," commented a Turkish user on Twitter, posting the video.

Another video shows members of EMAK in tears in front of the camera, shortly before their return to Greece. "The ranks from Greece left Turkey with applause and tears. Thank you Greece," commented another Turkish user.

Many Turkish users shared a photo with EMAK personnel, shortly before their return to Greece, holding Greek and Turkish flags in their hands. Accompanying the photos are thanks for their contribution and work in the earthquake affected areas.

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