Greek wine exports massively increased in 2022

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Greek wine exports significantly rose, both in value and quantity, in 2022 compared with 2021, the Central Cooperative Union of Vine Products said in a report.

The report, published on Friday and is based on provisional wine export data by Hellenic Statistical Authority, showed that exports of Greek wine grew 16.79% in value totaling 98,972,279 euros in 2022 and by 6.61% in quantity (29,870 tons).

Exports to EU member-states grew 10.43% to 19,875 tones, but exports were down by 6.10% compared with the five-year average, hit by Brexit.

In value, exports to the EU grew 21.45% to 46,893,405 euros, up 8.17% compared with the five-year average. Exports to third countries eased 2.71% in quantity but grew 11.07% in value.

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