The BEST mille-feuilles in Athens and Thessaloniki!

Δέσποινα Despina mille-feuilles

According to history, the delicious mille-feuilles has been around since the beginning of the 16th century, however it remains unknown even today exactly when and by whom it was invented.

Its name derives from the technique of creating its basic material, namely the puff pastry, which is made after successive folding of the dough from which a thousand layers-sheets are created.

In any case, the mille-feuille, which in its basic structure usually consists of three pieces of puff pastry and two layers of pastry cream, is one of the most elegant and refined French sweets.

The truth is that some of us have associated it in our minds with the exuberant homemade version, the one that our mothers made with extra care at holidays and at family tables. However, the mille-feuille was, is and will be one of the first sweets we look for in the windows of good pastry shops.

Παύλου (Pavlou)

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Almost square and puffy, this French masterpiece is bathed in shredded pastry and dust, like a snowy mountain. Inside it is full of cream, sweet and soft, while its pastry is just the right amount of buttery and crunchy. And the best; It's always fresh.

24 Papadiamantopoulou, Ilisia, tel.: 210 7774 012


They may be famous for their macarons, which they make in any flavour imaginable, but few know that they also have delicious mille-feuille.

We find it in two versions: classic individual and mini doses in plastic cups. Whichever you choose is equally worth it since both are made with fine materials and excellent techniques.

92 Kifisias Avenue, Maroussi, tel.: 210 6466 989

Μέλισσα (Melissa)

 mille-feuilles Μέλισσα (Melissa)

This patisserie follows the original recipe of this iconic French dessert to the letter and stays true to the quality and deliciousness we are used to in all its creations.

The pastry sheets of this particular mille-feuille are caramelised for this reason and are extra crispy while its light cream spreads evenly in two uniform layers.

43 Ethnarchou Makariou, Peristeri, tel.: 210 5711 055


Handmade and fresh, filled with velvety vanilla-infused pastry cream. This is Pelit's mille-feuille, one of the most honest of its kind since it is good not only in quality but also in price.

Sprinkled with plenty of flour and cut into long narrow pieces, this dessert is reminiscent of home in everyway.

9 Rodou & Miltiadou, Maroussi, tel.: 210 8068 696


Palet mille-feuilles

Palet's classic mille-feuille is nice and always fresh, but the real surprise is the chocolate one. Pastry cream, chocolate cream, alternating with airy pastry and milk coating gives another, delicious dimension to one of the most famous white sweets on the planet.

Palet mille-feuilles

16 Kalamakiou Ave., Alimos, tel.: 210 9828 154

Δέσποινα (Despina)

Δέσποινα Despina mille-feuilles

This is the mille-feuille with the most fanatical fans in town. Its hand-made pastry are incredibly crisp and light while its cream, sweet as it should be and subtly aromatic, melts in the mouth.

Beyond quality and taste, the element that makes the difference in this case is the addition of almonds.

2 Thrakis, Filothei, tel.: 210 6831 224

Βάρσος (Varsos)

mille-feuilles Βάρσος Varsos

This dessert is literally foam, like a vanilla cloud. Old school appearance with enough dust to cover it, it hides within it the traditional techniques and the top ingredients that this historic pastry shop reverently uses in every creation that comes out of its workshop.

The vanilla resounds its presence in the milky cream while the pastry that hold it above and below smell of butter.

5 Kassaveti, Kifissia, tel.: 210 8012 472



mille-feuilles Plaisir millefeuilles

Its pastries are thin and rosy baked, the filling is placed between them in a brave amount, as is the whipped cream on top, while it is discreetly sprinkled with flour and grated pastry.

In short, this mille-feuille has all the finesse and quality of the sweets we are used to enjoying from this particular patisserie.

Aristotelous 4, tel.: 2310 277 444

Μίλτος (Miltos)

Beloved for his classic sweets, Miltos also makes the mille-feuille as we are used to, i.e. in a parallelogram shape with three layers of pastry with two thick portions of filling between them.

In terms of taste, it stands out not only for its freshness, but also for the addition of roasted almonds that lift the whole thing and give it an extra crunchy texture.

Steliou Kazantzidis 37, Thermi, tel.: 2310 476 187

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