Despina Vandi and Vassilis Bisbikis kissed on the dance floor - Watch the video

Despina Vandi Vassilis Bisbikis

Vassilis Bisbikis spent another Saturday night in the nightclub where Despina Vandi appears. The singer often looks at him from the dance floor, makes dedications to him and speaks fondly of him. He usually sits opposite her.

On Saturday night though, the actor decided to take to the dance floor while Vandi was singing one of her hits. He approached her with dancing movements. The singer then hugged him and sang the lyrics "Everything starts again with me" from her song "Ena Tsigaro Dhiadhromi" (A Cigarette Route) to him.

Seconds after the dedication, the couple shared a big kiss on the dance floor, while carnations were showered on them. During the tender moment between them, some of the patrons clapped, others took out their mobile phones to capture the moment and others threw flowers at them.

Leaving the singer's arms, the actor also danced a zeibekeiko.

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Recently, Vassilis Bispikis was again among the patrons of the nightclub and caught everyone's attention when Vandi wanted to make a love confession to him while she was singing.

After briefly interrupting the flow of the program, the singer leaned against a pole located on the stage. Looking straight at Vassilis Bisbikis, she can be heard saying to him with a smile: "Even if I wasn't in love, tonight I would fall in love with you."

Watch the video:

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