Rafaela Bella: The Greek nurse turned porn star

Rafaela Bella

Rafaela Bella described her own story in an interview she gave about the big turn she made in her career. Speaking to the Espresso newspaper, she explained how she made the decision to change her profession from a nurse to striptease and become a star in porn movies.

She started stripping in a well-known strip club, while she worked in the hospital in the mornings.

"I worked for 11 years in a well-known private hospital as a nurse. I started going as a customer to the club and I really enjoyed both the club and the spectacle of the female and male strippers," Rafaela Bella said.

"That's where I met Christy White who does a show at the club and also stars in Sugar Babes and we started hanging out. I've been doing aerial hooping for four years now, it's a kind of dance.

"When I saw the girls dancing I wanted too and I talked to the bosses at the Strip Club. They liked me and they took me. I started doing striptease and lesbian shows. I did it alongside my job as a nurse for three months! In the morning I helped the patients and in the evening I did my show in the club!"

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The former nurse has already made four porn movies.

As for how she made this decision, she replied: "Since I was little, I liked erotic films. One day I went to the set with his girlfriend Christy and I really liked it. I asked Teo (who is in charge of the production company Sugar Babes) to act in a film and he immediately accepted.

"What I like about erotic films is to offer pleasure to others...".

As for her resignation from the hospital, Rafaela Bella said:

“In September when I started porn movies, I had already resigned as a nurse, not because I started porn, but because I didn't like the working conditions anymore. I didn't change careers for financial reasons by any means, I did it because I like it.

"I have made my hobby a profession and I am very happy about it because now I feel completely liberated as a woman and as a person. I felt very comfortable on the set of erotic films. I think my strong point in porn is being myself and living it 100%!”

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Along the way, she was asked about the reactions of her colleagues and friends when she told them she had turned to porn.

Regarding this, she replied: “When I announced to my friends and those around me that I was going to change jobs, they were not impressed at all."

"Also my colleagues from my previous job have found out and made requests on Instagram to see me now as Rafaela Bella and not as the nurse they knew me to be. They could call me and ask me, not try through social media to see what I'm doing," she said.

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"I don't think I would go back to my old job again, I am very fulfilled by what I do. I would love a concept with uniforms in my new romance film, I have a weakness for the police!” she concluded.

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